I am already dreaming about the day where I can hand in my final university assignment of the year… I can imagine it being one of those movie-esque moments where the dramatic The Final Countdown song plays as I march into the building and slam the three thousand and something word assignment down on the table.

Anyways… that moment is still a fair few months away and I can’t help but think about what I want to do this summer. Here are a few summery ideas you can do with your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend – or even on your own! Best of all, they are all things can do around the UK from a dolphins cruise to zip-lining!

Animal Safari

There are a few safari parks in the UK and I think it would be there perfect thing to do on a sunny day. I want to go to one of those you can drive through and the animals greet you in the window of your car. Also, it is great for one of those rare selfies you can get with a giraffe – perfect for Instagram! You can also go on a dolphin trip with the the best selection being around the south west coast!


I have heard that Europe’s longest and fastest zip line is actually in Wales! I am an adrenaline junkie and love these sorts of activities. If you are looking for something daring and out of your comfort zone, I’m sure zip-lining is perfect for you.

Theme Park

This is a must. Theme park donuts is what I look forward to more than anything to be honest. It is a good way to spend an entire day out and you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun.

A London Trip

A trip to London will definitely keep you on your feet for a few days. So many things to do and so many things to see. Spend the day sightseeing or visiting all the top rated food spots, the possibilities are endless.

Beach Day

Although beaches in the UK are very different to the beaches that you get in Spain, I think a day trip to the beach seems nice. It’ll be an experience where you can find several different things to do rather than just sun bathe. Ice creams, sandcastles and walks along the shore is something I know I can spend my day doing.


I love aquariums. There is something about staring at multicoloured fish in a huge tank which is quite relaxing. Sometimes you get to see dolphin and whale shows too – I’ve heard they are really cool!