I listen to music all the time. That’s not an exaggeration, I essentially can’t function without its presence. When I wake up, I reach for my phone and pick a song that will help me get out of bed. In the evening, I play a few relaxing and comforting tunes that distract me from omnipresent silence, and let me fall asleep eventually. Why is it such a powerful source? It works not only in everyday life of ordinary people. It brings masses together and unites them. It sets new trends and is targeted at both groups and individuals. And as individuals, we are free to use music in whichever way we want.

Here is why I, and a significant part of the rest of the world, cling onto music so tightly:

  1. It matches your situation and mood.

Whether you are in the middle of a mental breakdown, or before an important game, you will find understanding in songs. You might have to study and then search for classical music to make you more focused. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re gonna find it.

  1. You are free to interpret lyrics however you want.

I appreciate good lyrics. They are like poetry (well, they are poems), except you feel the vocalist’s emotions so the impact is five times bigger than in poetry’s case. If you struggle with understanding your problem, you’ll come across a song that explains it all. I have songs which describe my relationships with a lot of people I know, and often I imagine that if someone ever asked me to say how I feel about them, I would just send them these particular songs as my answer. Moreover, you feel less alone if some lyrics speak about a situation that’s almost exactly like yours. Your problem no longer appears ridiculous or meaningless, because even THEY (this particular band/lyricist) have felt this way.

  1. Finding a favourite band and discovering all about them.

Here you go beyond the tunes you are hooked on. You get to read about the lead vocalist’s drug addiction, you go over a thousand photos and live performances. Then you might get to think about a few times in the past that you heard about that band and how you wish you had started listening to them then! Musicians begin to seem like your best friends. You dig deeper and read a biography or two, sing along in your head (or out loud if you wish) and unravel the mysteries behind some lyrics. It’s a great experience to love a band so much.

  1. Seeing your favourite band’s live performance.

Breath-taking. There’s no better feeling than this. Not everyone gets a chance to do it, but I did and I was the happiest for 2 hours. Go see your favourite band, try your hardest, because it’s gonna be worth it.

Some people might not be that concerned about lyrics. Some people just want to have fun and dance while listening to music and that’s obviously fine. Whichever way suits you. It’s a powerful and flexible device. Here’s a quote from my favourite band’s song: ‘If you’ve lost your faith in love and music, the end won’t be long’. And I agree.

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