When you are a third year Journalism student at university, your lecturers will constantly be talking to you about Social Media. You will probably have to take 3 modules called Social Media 1, 2 and 3.

throughout your 4 year course and just because it is not enough, every day you will probably be asked what is the social media that you prefer or the one you use more often. And that is how you start to read, write about, use and why not breathe social media.

If at first you thought skipping between apps on your phone was just a way to distract yourself, relax or why not waste a bit of time, well… think again. Social media has changed the way people act, communicate with each other and in a small part even how they live their life.

Facebook lets you chat with people everywhere in the world and can even help you find again your primary school friends, I mean who doesn’t want to know what their mortal enemy in school looks like 15 years later?! So yeah Facebook is good for stalking too! Then we have Twitter, the new journalism platform or the quickest way to share with the world exactly what you are doing, about to do or just done. You think people don’t care? Well they probably don’t but don’t worry they are still reading it.

Instagram my favourite, where you can share pictures, or short videos with of course the amazing help of filters that contour your face nicely when you decide to post a selfie and the long under-categories that come with it, such as: mirror selfie , gym selfie, booty selfie and so on…

And finally Snapchat. At first just a platform that would help you share quick snaps that will last only 10 seconds to then disappear from your friends phone, however after the new updates it is even more interesting. You can now chat, you can post snaps on a story which means people will be able to view them for 24 hours aaaand my favourite feature called Lenses, which allows users to decorate their snaps with real-time special effects and sounds. To be more specific when you try to take a selfie, if you keep pressing on your face, snapchat will detect your face and you will be able to scroll through a large variety of lenses. It is like putting a mask on, you could be wearing a dog mask one second and the second after you will find yourself wearing a helmet and goggles to pilot a plane.

I am probably just very easily amused but what can I say I just find this sort of things very entertaining.

When uni/work/life gets too much to handle social media is there to help you get through it!

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