It’s never going to be an easy decision to make up your mind on inking your skin forever. But, if you’re into the idea of body art, then there’s more pros than cons. I’ve had four tattoos now (all small, can’t quite take the ‘leg piece’ step) and each time there’s a weird excitement beforehand that this is a great decision – and no regrets yet!

Here’s a couple of benefits (and negatives thrown in) to help any of you nervous ones out there:

If you go to the right place, it can be done however you like – what you imagine of thick scrawled writing doesn’t have to be for everyone. You can find good tattooists who will be able to tattoo the thinnest line, and the end result can be delicate as you like – which tends to be the look I’ve gone for to build myself up.

The pain is not that bad at all, depending on the location. If you have an issue with pain then stick to areas that are more fatty – don’t go for a foot/ankle tattoo, or anything on the upper back/upper ribs (near the armpit) just as basic guidelines.

Think it through and you’ll love it, get excited about it for a month or so – then wait another month – the waiting game is important to see if you’ll ever get bored of it.

However once it’s on your skin, it really does just become part of who you are – I don’t even think about mine any more – but I still love them and they’re a part of who I am as I progress through life.

Good luck!

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