Here at the Student Pocket Guide, we like to be ahead of the curve. Whether it’s discovering the latest new pizza joint or stumbling across a new innovative gadget, fresh is in our DNA and we are not alone. The American Sportswear brand GANT are on the hunt for the world’s future game changers, those who will step things up a gear as soon as they walk into the scene. The writer who will pen the next classic, the entrepreneur making their own fortune, those who will be changing the world (but not the shirt). Could it be you?

Taking homage from their new promotional video aired last year, GANT want to investigate the players within Generation X who we will be referencing in the future. In the video, a dry cleaner who’s ‘seen it all’ makes reference to the great minds gone by, from Presidents to inventors who paved the way for greatness, highlighting that GANT’s heritage is in the veins of the world-class. In essence “We believe in quality”, in both garments and education.

In a world full of people being famous for being famous, GANT chose five ‘unknowns’ to front the print campaign running alongside the video. Tracy K. Smith (Pulitzer Prize Poet), Natvar Bhavsar (Painter), Mark Platkin (Rainforest Advocate), Jennifer Staple-Clark (Founder of Unite for Sight) and George Weiner (Founder of Whole Whale) take centre stage – with the shirt – to promote GANT and their philosophy of quality. And it doesn’t stop there. Now casting the net wider, the Swedish owned brand want to seek out students who are already taking their own steps to success. Starting with Oxford and Cambridge, GANT spoke to some inspiring young students from app developers to directors who have already started making waves in the industry.

Dressing for success isn’t a myth that some grandparent took from an old wives tale, it brings confidence and with confidence, a step towards success. The classic shirt is a wardrobe essential and with the right one, GANT believe you can achieve anything. Their approach to advertising is an exciting and innovative one. Campaigns aimed looking at students can be repetitive; assuming all students just want free stuff or a cheap beer, which is lovely, but some clean career advice is always welcomed in our book. Although investing in a shirt isn’t exactly investing in your future, you’ll at least feel good while you’re knocking em’ dead.

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