Winter is slowly leaving us and Spring is finally coming… I love this season because the sun actually makes an appearance after hibernating for a few months! With a little warmth in the air and the fact that you can step out the house with a jacket instead of a coat, here are some fashion and beauty trends for the transition into the new season.

Pink Lipstick
Whether it is a neutral pink or a bright pink, a lipstick of a pink shade is always a good way to brighten things up a little. It’s an easy and refreshing go-to look for the spring season.

Pastel Nail Polish
Pastel polishes inject colour into your look but in a subtle way. It adds a nice and simple touch to your look. Also pastel nail art will definitely be Instagram worthy so get creative!

Floral Prints
Anything with a floral print signifies the Spring and Summer months – right? I think dresses are especially lovely but a bag or scarf is an alternative way of adding some Spring-ness into your outfit.

The denim look is slowly coming back into fashion: denim jackets, double denim and denim rucksacks! If you are feeling daring you can go for the double denim look with skinny jeans and a cropped denim jacket. If you aren’t so keen on that trend, go for the subtle look with a denim jacket or a pair of mom-jeans.

After submerging our feet in woolly socks and boots throughout the freezing cold weather, a pair of flats adds a little spring in your step (pun intended). A simple pair of ballet flats does the trick or you can add some modern style with some lace up pointed ones.

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