For most students leaving home for their student halls, it’s the first time they’ve ever lived away from home. Shifting your entire life across the country takes a lot of preparation and organisation, and as many students have never moved home before, they can make simple and totally avoidable mistakes. To help get you prepared as best as possible, here’s our tips for moving in to student halls.

Choose what you need to take
You’re unlikely to have a massive amount of room for your belongings in halls, so you’ll have to be picky with what you’re going to take. How much you can transport at one time depends on how you’ll be getting to your new digs;you’ll only be able to take one suitcase and maybe a backpack’s worth if you’re travelling by train, while you’ll be able to take a bit more if you’re getting there by car. If you’re planning on transporting your things to and from home each year, you may want to upgrade your suitcase — Samsonite produces a range of great cases in a wide range of sizes and designs which you buy on their online store.

Choose your flatmates carefully
One of the most important factors on your happiness during your time at uni is going to be who you live with. Choose your flatmates well, and you could make some amazing memories with people who you remain friends with for life; choose poorly, and it could potentially ruin your experience of university. Read our guide to choosing the perfect flat mates for detailed advice on this topic.

Consider where you’re going to keep your stuff during summer
Most students end up changing accommodation every year during their time at university. There may be a gap of a few months between you leaving one accommodation and moving in to the next, and you may not want to take your stuff back home with you in the interim. If you’d rather not lug all of your stuff home (and then back again when summer is over), Pickfords offers low-cost student storage, which will allow you to safely store your personal belongings while you’re away. No matter what you choose to do come summer, you should have a rough idea of where you’re going to be keeping your belongings when you’re back home or between flats.

Keep these tips in mind before you move in to student halls and you’ll avoid a lot of the common problems that people encounter when they leave home for the first time.

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