You may have heard of lots of these “Say Yes” campaigns online, from companies such as NCS or celebrity figures such as Youtuber ‘Zoella’. But I have recently had an epiphany of sorts which has made me think differently about how I approach opportunities.

When you first go to University there is so much to take in, so much going on, friends, moving in, learning to live alone, and copious drinking. The last thing on your mind is to seize opportunities and look for work experience. Understandable.

However, as we go into the second half of the year, I am now beginning to realise the amount of potential experiences I could have. I have snapped up many.

Speak to your lecturers and head of subjects. They have so many contacts and have helped so many other students get jobs and work placements, so take advantage. You never know what you’ll find, plus it will make you seem excited to learn.

There are always places that will say yes to any work experience, even if you just get to see what happens at a certain company but it’s likely you will be able to shadow and help out too.

Even putting yourself up for your course representative or student union president will show your initiative and eagerness.

At the end of the three or so years, everyone gets a degree. Well, unless you failed but what I am getting at is that lots of people get degrees. But its the things you do on top of the degree, like work experience, volunteering, jobs, extra curricular activities and responsibilities, that show the kind of motivated and driven individual you are. And hey presto! You’ve got a job!

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