When people first think about applying to university there first thought is ‘it can’t be that hard, all they seem to do is go out’ but unfortunately there is a bit more too it than that.


But the key is to get the right balance between going out and socialising and doing your work, luckily for you I am here to help! Ideally the perfect ratio would be 80:20 right? But lets be realistic and aim for 50:50. If you do your work when you first get set it instead of putting off till the last minute, and end up on missing out on going to your friends party because you’ve got to pull an ‘all nighter’ to reach the deadline… No one wants that to happen! A top tip from me would to keep a dairy for all your deadlines and write goals at the end of each week- depending on how close your deadlines is, and try to stick to them so you keep on top of your work load. Then you can have a celebratory drink at the end of each week.

When you are doing your university assignments remember to take regular ‘study breaks’, and before you ask, no this doesn’t include binge watching the rest of your series on Netflix but thirty minute breaks to scroll through twitter, get something to eat and maybe get some fresh air, so when you return to your work you will feel motivated and will not get distracted straight away.

I know I have gone on about doing your work like a nagging parent but also remember the other 50% is about having fun and enjoying your university experience, at least until you are a third year anyway as the ratio might change to 60:40 or god forbid 80:20…

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