Work experience will soon become the bane of your life! If it isn’t already, it will be the words ringing around your head for the whole of your third year of university and you will start to kick yourself for not taking more opportunities that were literally handed to you on a plate in first and second year. But don’t panic, you still have time get some work experience but just needs you to be more proactive instead of sleeping your days away…

You need to have ‘experience’ to even get work experience? Or to even shadow someone! How does that even make sense?! The answer is: it doesn’t! But the key is if you don’t succeed straight away, try not to be dishearten my the ‘rejection’, keep trying, trying and try again. Something will come along soon enough and might lead you to your dream career.

At university you will have a lot of opportunities that are thrown at you, and at the time, particularly in first year you don’t think it is important- as you have loads of time before you NEED to find experience, but time fly’s by without you even knowing and the next thing you know you will be graduating next month!

Speaking from my own experience take every opportunity you can… Even if it doesn’t necessarily lead to your dream job, it will help you and you never know it might turn out to be something you l-o-v-e. And will also look great on your CV for future employers!

If you haven’t already I would highly recommend getting LinkedIn as it is a great way to network with people within your chosen industry, and you can directly contact the professionals yourself.  Also follow companies on Twitter and Facebook, even Instagram so you can be the first to see if they are offering internships or new opportunities that are up your street.

Good luck!

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