Well done, you have survived your first term, or as some people like to call it a semester at university! *pats self on back*. But maybe your first term wasn’t all it set out to be? And your uni experience so far has been nothing like you had expected it? Don’t worry it will get better, I pinky promise!

When you first arrive at your halls, you are immediately having to adapt to looking at gross curtains everyday, which speaking from experience takes a while to adjust to…  But on a more serious note it is difficult, and you are lying if you say it isn’t. Moving to a new city is challenging enough never mind living with strangers and leaving all your friends and family at home (I know you were secretly hoping that they miss you too much and visit every weekend). You might have found it difficult to settle in straight away, but that is only normal, trust me!

But ask your self these three questions: Did I make effort to throw myself into new situations? Did I put myself out there to make new friends? And lastly did I have fun? If your answer is no to any of the questions, then this term is your time to turn them into a YES! I can honestly say that if you throw yourself into new situations and just be yourself you will 110% start to enjoy your uni experience. Second term is all about finding yourself, whether this is in your course or figuring out your role within your new friendship group, soon enough something will click and you will forget everything that happened in your first term! And start to enjoy everything that uni has to offer!

Good luck in your second term and remember not everything is handed to you on a plate you have to push yourself and go and get it!

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