Money always seems to be a bit of an issue for students, doesn’t it?

Making your student loan last until the next instalment is hard. We know. We’ve all been there.

As young people, we are glued to our smartphones, tablets and laptops. We can’t go anywhere without the internet. So why not cash in on it? Yup, earn money online. It’s simple.

Below are some brilliant options for you to consider. And you don’t have to learn how the stock exchange works. Bonus.

Swagbucks This website is great for those of you who spend every second of your spare time on the computer. With Swagbucks, you complete surveys, search the web, watch videos and shop online and get rewarded for it. You can cash in these Swagbucks for vouchers with Amazon, Starbucks and Steam, or you could trade it for cold hard cash in the form of a Paypal payment. The downside is that it can take a while to build up enough Swagbucks to redeem the prizes. But saying that, you only need to devote about half an hour of your time a day. It’s free to join so what are you waiting for?

Qmee – Qmee is a great little browser extension that pays you for searching the internet. All you do is sign up and download the add-on and start searching. If they have ads relevant to your search, they will be displayed on the left hand side. Well, this option doesn’t pay loads. So if you’re after a lot of cash fast, this isn’t for you. But, if you simply want a few extra pennies (and pennies add up), then give it a try. It’s totally free to join.

Sell your old stuff – This is probably one of the more popular ways to earn a quick buck. Perfect if you have old DVDs, books, clothes, games…okay anything that you no longer use or like and want rid of. Before chucking it in the bin, trying selling it on the likes of eBay or Amazon. There are multiple other sites and apps these days that do the exact same thing. WeBuyBooks, MusicMagpie, Zapper, Ziffit, the list is endless.

Sell your photos – If you are a keen photographer then you might be interested in this option. You can upload your photos to stock websites and get paid for it. Try using istockphoto or fotolia. To make the most of this option, upload photos of things that are in demand.

Fiver – Are you good at art? Maybe you’re a budding graphic designer? How about writing, voice overs or composing music? Whatever your field of study, you could benefit from your trade. Fiver is a great little website that allows you to sell your skills for just £5. Yup. It’s not a lot. But, get a few gigs and you’ll soon be rolling in it. Besides, this also lets you start a professional portfolio.

So, try one (or two…or all) of these websites and watch as your bank balance rises!

Whether you’re needing a few extra pennies for a night out, or are saving up for a new car. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself. These sites are guaranteed to help you reach your financial goals.

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