Vaping has risen in popularity faster than tuition fees and there are now 2.1m vapers in the UK alone. But is that a good thing? In our opinion, yes it is!

Considering the overwhelming majority of vapers are ex-smokers, vaping offers a number of comparable benefits. So here are the top reasons why student smokers should make the switch to vaping today:

Save Money

While it varies greatly, 10ml of e-liquid – the solution that goes inside your e-cigarette – can be considered equivalent to 100 cigarettes or 5 packs of 20. At Shoreditch, you can pick up 10ml of e-liquid for £3.33. So that works out as just 66p for enough e-liquid to replace 20 cigarettes!

These are very rough numbers, but already you can see the huge cost difference between smoking and vaping. In fact, you will save £110 per month or £1,320 per year if you switch to vaping from 10 cigarettes a day.

Just think what you could do with that money…

Improve Your Health

Students aren’t world famous for healthy living, but Public Health England recently released a report stating that e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than tobacco. You can’t argue with stats like that!

If you are making the switch from smoking, focus on finding some e-liquid flavours you love, a decent vape kit so you have a good experience and take it one day at a time. For those in Germany who are looking for a reliable blog that reviews the best vaping devices and accessories, you can visit ezigarettevergleich.deIf you are not convinced straight away, don’t give up on giving up. It takes some time to break habits so keep going and you will get there.

Get More Dates!

A recent survey by found that 9 out of 10 people (89%) prefer to date a non-smoker. So if you are stuck on the cigs, you could be seriously limiting your dating outlook!

In comparison, vaping tastes great, smells good and partners do not have to worry about the devastating health impact of first hand smoke on you or second hand smoke on themselves.

So there you have it, it’s time to give vaping a go!

To help you get started, use code GETVAPING99 at to try 3 bottles of e-liquid for 99p

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