You have arrived undeniably well equipped; a fully charged iPhone, vitalising rations in the form of a Boots meal deal and armed with a puzzle book and the latest best-selling fictional novel for backup.

As you stride through the terminal to be greeted by the air hostess, both she and you are well aware that no survival kit can save you from the boredom you’re about to embrace on this long haul flight.

‘Nibbles’ are the average economy class flyers go-to before boarding, smooth chocolate bite size marbles of deluxe caramel centred pleasantness, something to satisfy the taste buds for the foreseeable.

“These should last me the journey”. The harsh reality is that ‘made for sharing’ isn’t really a realistic recommendation, and the strategy of purchasing a family sized bag rather than the average one with the chance of them lasting longer isn’t too realistic either.

Neither your awareness of calorie intake, nor the time you take to consume the sweets is apparent to you what so ever, and before the seatbelt sign has even yet to turn off you find yourself buried beneath chocolate smudged empty wrappers and a not-so-innocent expression as you unknowingly exhibit your new Cadbury’s chocolate lip liner to your fellow passengers.

And it’s then you’re soon to realise that you’re in for a long flight.

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