Have you noticed that there’s suddenly an influx of Buzzfeed videos lurking post after post on your Facebook news feed? Have you noticed they’re mostly all recipes that require the basics: Microwave, flour and eggs.

Honestly from a personal point of view I find them the most irritating kinds of videos. Only because I for cannot cook, secondly I’m already constantly thinking about food but it doesn’t help that when I’m scrolling through Facebook expecting to just see statuses, unexpectedly a floating hand is spreading tomato paste, pesto and cheese onto short crust pastry and on fast forward bake for 20 minutes and voilà, we have ourselves a very British pizza.

Understandably the idea behind these videos is to promote home cooking and healthy lifestyles, as well as using leftovers but are these leftovers that everyone has as leftovers at home, because as a student I don’t really have tomato passata! In fact I’m more likely to have Dominos boxes lying around my student kitchen instead. (Don’t judge) These ingredients are easy to come by and if you’re casually scrolling through Facebook and come across one of these videos you’ll notice how quick these recipes are supposedly cooked but I reality you know we wont be able to cook a 20 minute dish in that short amount of time.

We’ll spend about the first 20 minutes faffing about trying to locate a dish big enough to cook in and then another 20 minutes to find the actual ingredients, and only to realise that we don’t actually acquire all of the main ingredients in which case we have to run to Lidl and a 20 minute recipes has now taken an hour and a half… and we haven’t even started the actual cooking process.

Videos like this are just mind boggling inaccurate and rather depressing for me anyway. I look at these home recipes and end up craving the main ingredients rather than the whole dish. I’d rather just eat Nutella out of the jar than to get up off the sofa and actually make some fancy milkshake out of it.

On the note of laziness, there’s a reason I’m watching these pointless videos and it’s probably because I’m bored but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to endeavour to enter my kitchen in a valiant attempt to actually cook myself something that I’ve never attempted before. This is what mothers are for. Experimentation is their forte not mine. So please Buzzfeed could you kindly stop exploiting my bank account and filling my shelves with meaningless food that’ll never eat again.

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