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Lads, we’ve all been there. Waking up at the crack of dawn feeling fresh as a daisy and you’re about to sort yourself out for the day but then… you have that age old, extremely hard hurdle to overcome.

You’re busting for a pee, but nature has taken it’s cause, and well, you’ve got a bit of issue on your hands. Normally, there are only two solutions: 1. You pee all over the toilet, floor and anything within a metres radius, and genuinely annoy everyone you live with or2. You hold it in, in the hope that you don’t wet your pants whilst eating your Shreddies.

But fear not! Buzzfeed have devised a cunning and creative ways that you can beat this bane, and you can see quirky, but quality techniques below…

My personal favourites are the superman and the frogger, and I think I’ll be testing them at the weekend. Wish me luck…

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