Mums deserve a little treat after all the hard work they put in, even though we hate to admit it at times. Here’s a gift guide for this Mother’s Day (it’s March 6th, yep – that soon!)

Let’s start with the free things:

Breakfast in bed

This can be done by utilising what’s already in the kitchen, but throw in a croissant or two if you’re feeling like contributing more. You know what your mum would like best, but ask around the house if you’re unsure. Younger siblings can also get involved in this one, brownie points for all guaranteed.

An hour to put her feet up

Put the kettle on and take over the duties for an hour, maybe first thing in the morning to start off the day peacefully – or a nice break mid-afternoon. Whenever you decide, it’ll go down a treat.

Pick flowers

If you totally forget, or you’re that low on cash, venture outdoors and pick flowers (not from her beloved plant pots though!) and make a creative bunch for a cute gift.

Now, if you’ve got the cash:


You know you want to, it’s cheap and easy – most cards are £2.99 and arrive promptly. This would be a good way to incorporate pictures and funny jokes in a ready-made template.

Care Hamper

A collection of her favourite little things isn’t expensive and can be presented in a cute basket hamper or nicely designed gift bag. If you want to splurge then purchase the luxury items. It’s all about the things you know she likes but wouldn’t buy for herself.

Not on the high street has some great gifts you can personalise. An example would be coasters you can make in to pictures, or diaries you can personalise with your mum’s name – as we know how busy she gets!


If there’s something you know she wants to do, then go out and do it! Dad’s come in handy for transportation if you let them in on your plans, or you can arrange it all yourself. This makes for a family fun day and a memorable trip for everyone.


Remember the card! 

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