This morning I woke up around 9 am, the blinders were shut and I couldn’t see what was the weather like outside. To be honest since I have moved to the UK – in Edinburgh- I have learned to stop wondering and just embrace the wind, the rain and the greyness that characterize this country. I do actually love living here, however the weather is most definitely not the reason that make me want to stay.

I realised that there are no real seasons. Every day is a different story no matter what time of year. You could wake up with the sun, walk to work in the rain, dry your coat and hair in the wind, you could be building a snowman on your way back home and finally you might need two prepare 4 warm water bottles to put in the bed because no matter how many blankets you have, it will still be too cold.

I thought it was the fact that I am Italian that makes me complain about the weather all the time. However when I started working as a sales adviser in a shoe shop, I realised the weather is what people talk about/complain about the most. “ good morning!” “ oh well not so good in this weather” . I mean it is the same everyday and it has been like this since you were born, why are you still not used to it!

If at the beginning I used to think that all Brits were completely out of their mind – for walking around in t-shirts, no jacket, shorts, queuing outside Lucas’s for the first taste of ice-cream, every time the sun would come out – I am now beginning to understand them.

I used to find so funny the way, people would use the expression “ I am roasting” when there were only 12 degrees outside. I mean in Italy 12 degrees is winter, it could be warmer but you cannot possibly be roasting!!!

After nearly 3 years in Edinburgh though, I found myself walking in the sun in a February day, not a cloud in the sky, but it was about 7 degrees and I unzipped my jacket, walked into my flat and said to my Spanish flatmate: “ oh wow I was roasting outside, its such a nice day”. She looked at me wearing her fleecy jumper: “ I am worried about you, you are turning Scottish!”

Well now I am worried too…

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