If anyone knows how to party it’s a student. But coming up with decent party themes on a budget can be tricky, so here are our top 3 ideas to get your party started!

Traffic Light Party

Kicking off our list, we have the famed ‘Traffic Light Party’, which is where you and your guests assign yourself a different coloured circle. Be it stuck to your torso or simply the colour of your cup, the three coded system makes for a match-makers heaven and will easily lead you to becoming the college cupid. The rules are simple, green means single, amber or yellow is that you’re seeing someone and red equals taken (a no-go zone for you mischievous singletons).

T-Rex Party

This is exactly how you should be unravelling some pre-historic banter at your party because the T-Rex theme is not only cheap, but makes for some bone crunching laughter too. Simply tape your thumb and little finger together, and gaffer tape your elbows to your waist. Then, there you have it, a flat full of Jurassic fun, and what’s even better, you spent pennies on a costume.Party-Theme-T-REX

Anything but clothes 

It’s time to get those creative juices flowing again because an ABC party means you’ll be wearing anything but clothes. And we’re talking literally anything, so raid your cupboards to shine amongst your friends in tin foil, hike on the beer box armour as a boozy transformer and get gaffer taped up, because this theme will really bring out the best of your artsy friends. Stick to this one in the summer though, as ABC can be a cold choice of attire in the winter months.


Unicorn Party

Unicorns are all the rage at the moment, especially since the Kardashian ‘klan’ threw the mini generation a unicorn themed birthday party (complete with real unicorns, of course) just a few weeks ago! Unicorn parties can work for students too though, nailing this trend is all about whimsical décor and candy colours! Style your party with confetti filled balloons, and serve pastel coloured treats like unicorn themed party cakes, donuts and cute macarons. Pimp your beverages with shimmer powders, for some grown-up sparkle and you could even bid your guests farewell with prosecco gifts – the ultimate ‘party bag’.