With Coachella pictures spamming my Twitter and Instagram feed, I am so inspired by all the fashion and beauty trends I have seen people sporting this year. Here are a few trends you can keep in mind for any upcoming summer festivals or gigs.

These are so in for this years spring and summer fashion. You can style them on its own or with a top for a funky layered look.

Fringe bag
A good bag to throw your phone, camera and cash into is a must. Whether it is a backpack, side bag or tote bag – fringe scream festival!

Flash tattoos
Those cool silver and gold stick on tattoos are great for a temporary fashion fix. They can really add something cool to your outfit as a whole.

Glitter eyeshadow
I’m so glad this is making a comeback for the warmer season. It’s so fun and quirky and many people have been very creative with their looks. Experiment by applying to your eyes, cheeks or lips.

Since Kim K has been rocking the french plaits, these have become all the rage. Whether it is one braid, two, three or more… braided hairstyles are everywhere now.

I remember in school when I used to wear a bandana and I felt so cool. Well – they are back! Bandanas are the new neck accessory for festival season.

Body Jewellery
Body chains and long necklaces are an easy way to accessorise an outfit. It could easily tie your whole look together!