Student Houses Or Halls?

Ahh which one should you choose? Should you live in student accommodation or would it be better for you to rent a house? This is a dilemma many students face, particularly when going into their second year at university. You may not have made up your mind just yet (which is fine), but we think renting a student house is the way to go and here’s why…

It’s a step up from being in halls
Chances are that like most people, you lived in student accommodation in your first year. Doing so provides you with the opportunity to make new friends, which, let’s face it, is pretty handy considering that usually you don’t know anyone when you first start. Whilst we don’t deny that living in halls is fun, it’s something that you have already experienced. Living in a house with your pals instead allows you to try something you have probably never done before and is a step up from uni accommodation.

You’ll get along with everyone you live with
Yes, halls enables you to meet a diverse range of people, but you may not get along with everyone that you live with. When you’re in halls you get thrown in with a bunch of new faces and if you get along with them, great, but if you don’t it can make for a rather unpleasant experience. By living in rented accommodation you’ll be able to choose who you want to live with, which will make your uni memories and day-to-day life just that little bit better!

You can live near campus
It’s handy if your student accommodation is situated on campus, but some of them can be up to a 20 minute bus ride away. Not ideal during the winter season or when you’re trying to recover from a hangover from the night before – that half an hour extra in bed can make all the difference. If you go into student housing you’ll be able to choose where your property is in location to your uni, meaning getting out of bed is made that little bit easier.

You’ll save your pennies
Most students could do with cutting down on their expenditure, and living in a rented house could help you do just that. Not only may the rent itself be cheaper, but if bills are included this can help you save the pennies too! Oh and because you’ll get along with the people you’re living with, you may decide to share food items, which will help your bank balance look healthier. After all, why buy four of the same thing when you can all share one?

You’ll have more room
Instead of just having your room to roam around in, you’ll also have a living area to chill in, so you can make the most of those delightful lazy days! Being cooped up in your bedroom can sometimes be frustrating, so it’ll be nice for you to venture out and have some more space, but at the same time know that your trusty den will be there when you fancy some private, quiet, alone time – you’ll have the best of both worlds!