Are you planning on getting a job to earn a bit of extra cash? Wise move. You students need all the additional income you can get your hands on. But first, how can you make sure you get chosen for a job? Take a look here for trusty tips on how to boost your employability.

  1. Arrange a Work Experience Placement

Whilst a work experience placement won’t benefit you financially, it will make you more appealing to employers. Why? Well, unfortunately, the fact that you’re studying a degree isn’t always enough anymore.

You’ll no doubt be competing against other students, who are likely to possess the same skills as you, therefore you need something on your CV that will set yourself apart from the rest. And work experience will do just that.

Even if you can’t commit to a weekly placement, work experience or voluntary work of some sort is better than nothing at all and will significantly improve your employability prospects.

  1. Improve Your Online Reputation

Believe it or not, potential employers will check up on you. So, do the only thing that makes sense: improve your online reputation. How? Delete embarrassing photos, increase your security settings so that you can’t be snooped on in depth and never, ever post anything online after having a drink.

Whilst some prospective employers may not even know what social media is, let alone how to use it, there’s a chance that some might be a dab hand online so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Clean up your social media accounts and you’ll effortlessly maximise your employability.

  1. Learn a New Language

Foreign language skills are extremely desirable so if you have a language on your CV you’ll instantly have an advantage over someone who doesn’t, boosting your employability.

It’s never too late to start learning a new language; in fact, there’s no time like the present. Choose a major European language or another language you think you’ll benefit from and get studying!

Even if you’re not fluent in French or smooth in Spanish by the time you get around to applying for a job, you can still list this on your CV as work in progress to show that you’re proactive with personal development.

  1. Travel the World

You won’t need telling twice on this one. It’s probably on your agenda to travel anyway and if it helps enhance your employment prospects, all the more reason to go! Employers seek people who have a bit of life experience. If you’ve been travelling then you will have been exposed to different walks of life and cultures and offered various opportunities, such as volunteering, which can add significant value to your CV.

Be sure to spend your summers travelling different parts of the world and you’ll easily improve your CV.


  1. Join Student Societies

Student societies are not only a great way to build friendships and let off steam in between studying but they also help to develop valuable skills such as communication and teamwork.

No matter how many qualifications you possess, you will still need to acquire competences that are essential in order to be a successful employee. By joining a student society, you’ll learn new skills and in turn you’ll stand out from the crowd through your CV.

So, whilst you’ll no doubt want to laze around in your comfortable student accommodation in between lectures and assignments, make it a ‘must’ to be proactive so that you can boost your employability and land yourself a job.

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