Money can be a major issue for students when it comes to supporting themselves, balancing and looking out for deals will be key to help you save your pennies.

Before starting university I would really recommend getting a Summer job if you don’t already have one. The money you earn from the summer will really help you through your first year at university especially if you aren’t getting much financial help. Plan your budget and how much you have realistically to spend every week. Take into consideration later on in your university semester when you have to put a deposit down for a house or if you have to pay for car insurance. Car insurance tends to be expensive for college students because of age and risk so make sure you compare auto insurance polices and shop around. Above all, balance your money.

When at university I would also look out for the discounts which are on offer especially for students. A student card can get you money off clothing when you want to have that shopping spree but are worried about spending too much. If you are going to university where you have to catch a train every time you come home, then a railcard will be one of the best purchases you will make.

Housing and Kit list:

When you get your accommodation option make sure to see what is included. You don’t want to end up spending loads of money on items which are already provided for you. When it does come to the list of things you will need for university look at student rooms online or other student websites to see what the basic needs are going to be.

Making the most of time with your friends:

Leaving friends behind will be very hard when you first start university, so make sure you have a fun packed summer of things to do. You don’t need to spend loads of money on days out, but make sure that when you go to university you can say you have memories to cherish. Remember, when you go to university everyone is in the same boat, you may be parting ways with friends but you will find that the people you meet at uni will turn out to be just as important. When you start uni make the effort of meeting new people and trying new things, this way when you meet up with friends from back home you have so much to tell them.

Leaving your family:

I found this to be the hardest part when I started uni. You might find that you get homesick for the first week when you start and may even reconsider about staying at uni. My advice would be to stick at it and when the first week is over and you’ve met your new friends and started your course you will be glad you stuck at it. I would suggest calling  your family every other day or every day which ever you prefer.

Use social media to find your flatmates/class mates:

Universities usually have Fresher pages on Facebook which help people to connect with others that they’re living with in their first year. I would suggest getting involved and trying to connect with people that you could possibly be with. Also if you can find your new class mates you can start group chats in order to get to know each other.

If you can’t cook, start learning:

When starting university you can no longer rely on your parents to cook your dinner for you, it’s all down to you. Start learning at home and even buy student meal books to give you some ideas on what meals to cook.