Effi Summers

I am going to cover all aspects of health and wellbeing, so today I’m covering work!

Likewise to nurturing and feeding your body and mind, the same needs to happen for your business/work in order to grow and progress.

When I started my business I made a list of 11 tips to stick by in order to keep improving (while staying sane!).

  1. Plan appropriately to ensure maximum efficiency.
    I tend to flit from one thing to another and that way, nothing really gets done! I try to roughly plan tasks and time frames to make sure everything gets done to the highest standard possible.
  2. Identify problems and FIND solutions.
    For ages I would let hurdles slow me down way more than they should have. One day I wrote a list of problems followed by a list of potential solutions for each one and BAM. You work your way through and if none of them work, you cut your losses.
  3. Work out and accept when a change of direction is required.
    This leads on from point 2. Don’t waste energy on “oh I wish” or “if only”. Accept when something isn’t working and take a new road.
  4. Think BIG. Set a vision and communicate it.
    Don’t be intimidated by big goals. As long as you can see it, you can make it happen! It just takes strategic planning, confidence and the ability to communicate it.
  5. Don’t run out of money!
    Don’t get carried away as soon as you see money coming in. Think wisely about how to spend it in a way that expands your business/career and ensures maximum profit.
    There will be failures, difficult times and moments where you’ll want to give it all up. Don’t! Hard work and persistence do prevail. 
  7. Utilise your full potential and unlock more bits of potential!
    If you’re in a job where they can’t see how much you can really do, then show them! If they still don’t utilise you, then it might be time to start looking for a company that appreciates you. Also, learn new skills that could further your options and improve your career.
  8. Time is more valuable than money. 
    Use it wisely. This is SO important. Do you want to work overtime at a job you hate to buy stuff you don’t need? Or do you want to take that once in a lifetime trip somewhere? Also, don’t forget that resting is much needed. Not all time has to be spent working. Organise, communicate, pursue, get inspired, learn, research, improve.
  9. Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people who have similar goals. 
    They say you’re the average of the 5 people you spend most time with… Make sure they’re good ones!
  10. Flow, adapt and learnt to change direction automatically.
    Adaptability is one of the most valued skills in the business world. Embrace uncertainty and always be ready for anything. Learn to trust your intuition and go for it!
  11. Recognise and reward success milestones.
    Don’t get bogged down. Remember to take some time out and celebrate the small successes. Be kind to yourself and reward when goals are achieved!

Although my blog is just a hobby at the moment, I’m still setting myself goals and I’d still like it to make it as successful as I can.

My goals at the moment are:

  1. Build Social Media and WordPress following
  2. Schedule regular blog posts so I have a couple of weeks worth set up and ready to go!
  3. Book my next trip!
  4. Research advertising opportunities
  5. Join in on Twitter chats to connect and learn from other bloggers


I am loving the Blogger Twitter Chats at the moment! It’s really helpful and fun to discuss blogging topics and meet so many positive people.
I’ve got a lot of new ideas and have picked up some top tips from experienced bloggers. So I thought I’d make a timetable of the chats that I try and join in regularly. Hopefully see you there…

Monday: 7pm #bdib | 8pm #fbloggers

Tuesday: 6pm #misfitbloggers | 9pm #BlogHour

Wednesday: 7pm #lbloggers

Thursday: 7pm #crazybloggers | 8pm #fbloggers | 8:30pm #cbloggers

Friday: 7pm #gbloggers | 8pm #bdib | 9pm #UKBloggers

Sunday: 7pm #lbloggers | 8pm #chattybees

(Times are GMT)

I hope you found these tips helpful.

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