1.  The person who watches the entire gig through their phone.
    I get it, you want to show everyone how great the gig is on social media, and you want to be able to relive the moment later on, but you’re actually missing it and the light from your screen is distracting me.
  2. The one person with the over-enthusiastic dance moves in the middle of people who are not dancing.
    I’m glad that you’re enjoying yourself, but that’s the third time you’ve nearly knocked my drink out of my hand. 
  3.  The people who arrive just before the band starts and stand in front of you.
    It’s cool, I totally didn’t get here when the doors opened or anything…
  4.  The person you didn’t expect to be a fan, that knows the lyrics to every song.
    I’m actually jealous at your capacity for remembering all of these words when I’m struggling with the chorus.
  5.  The person whose partner dragged them there.
    We all have to make sacrifices for the ones we love, but at least there’s a bar here.