Taking influences from the likes of Muse, Coldplay, Radiohead, Foals and Everything Everything, Sun Arcana are a new British Rock band from Essex. With a really great sound, a few brilliant tracks under their belt and a vision of making it big, we caught up with the guys for a quick chat ahead of what will no doubt be a very exciting journey…

Hi guys! How is everything going for you at the moment? Tom: Very well thank you, got lots of good things coming up for 2016. Our most recent single ‘Alone’ is still doing really well. You can click www.sunarcana.com/alone to have a listen.

Sounds fantastic, I must ask, where did the name Sun Arcana come from? Tom: The name came from a deck of tarot cards and the sun symbolises happiness and optimism. Whilst the Arcana means mysteries which we thought was quite relevant in what we are doing.

For those that haven’t heard your music yet, can you describe your sound in 3 words? Harry: Dreamy, mental, riffness.

You’re putting out some really great music at the moment; we especially love the track ‘Oblique’ where you play the guitar. However, we saw that you play the piano in the video for ‘Alone’ too, so what is your favourite instrument to play and why? Tom: Thank you. I couldn’t really choose between the instruments because they’re both very important to me, especially when it comes to writing songs and it’s great to be able to play both. But I’d say guitar has got to be more fun on stage though.

You recently performed your brilliant track ‘Take What You Need’ for SPGtv as well, but what three things can you not live without on the tour bus? Ryan: Firstly, I’d say my laptop. We’re a band that constantly likes to write. Whether it be a short, 2 bar riff or a whole song, we like to stay active and exchange any ideas that we may have. Secondly, I’d have to say my iPod. That’s something I could never go without, and it helps to kill the time. The last item would be my practice pad. I like to stay on top of things in my spare time and practicing my instrument is definitely a priority.

And who out of the band has the worst habits? Ryan: Definitely Tom! With his man bag and constant hair touching. Don’t think he goes anywhere without his wax and hairspray!

You’re originally from London/Essex, but what would be your dream venue to play at? Harry: I think my dream venue to play at would be somewhere sizeable but still has that intimate feel, I’ve never liked the idea that I’m miles away from a crowd. So probably a venue like The Roundhouse in Camden would be a venue I’d love to play.

Aside from touring, you guys put out some really strong and captivating videos for your songs on your VEVO channel. How important is it to back a song up with engaging visuals? Harry: I think it can be just as important to live shows and music videos. Having an array of well thought out visuals can bring out the full meaning behind the music, and therefore potentially creating a musical and graphical masterpiece.

We’ve noticed on your socials you’ve been hanging out with the likes of Royal Blood, Noel Gallagher, Everything Everything and Foals, but which artist or band would you have most liked to have collaborated with past or present? Tom: Yes, I was lucky enough to meet them at the Q Awards this year and I also met some more of my favourite artists. For me I’d say either Matt Bellamy or Jonathan Higgs from Everything Everything. Both are incredible musicians and song writers!