I’m one of those people who loves to scroll through Tumblr and Reddit, looking for cool things on the Internet. Here’s a little list I’ve compiled of a few awesome websites I have bookmarked. Some of these are incredibly useful, and others are just ‘cool’ to look at if you’re bored, or curious like I am.

StumbleUpon – This is one of those websites I’m always on when I’m bored. You set it to categories that interest you, such as History, or Literature, then click the ‘stumble’ button. It’ll give you random pages based on your interests; I’ve found so many interesting articles and websites from it! You can like or dislike the pages you see, and the liked ones will be saved in a list, in case you want to find them again.

FilmFish – If you’re looking for a film to watch but don’t fancy scrolling through Netflix for hours, FilmFish is for you. It gives suggestions based on films you like, and has lots of lists to browse too, like ‘The Golden Age of Female Comedy’, and ‘Disturbed Genius Dramas’. ‘Hogwarts Alumni Movies’ is one of my favourites – all the films that Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe etc have been in since Harry Potter! Oh, and it’s based on actual human recommendations, not an automated system. I’ve found so many good films on there.

Music Suggestions Ninja – This is like FilmFish, but for music, duh! You enter a band/artist you like, and it makes a YouTube playlist based on what it thinks you’ll like.

Type to Design – If you were wondering how I made the featured image for this blog post, this is how. The Type to Design website creates cool typography, using Instagram images. Pretty cool huh?

BlossomType – Another typography website, but this one creates beautiful handmade floral lettering. You have to check it out!

TED – You’ve probably been living in a cave without wifi if you haven’t heard of TED. In case you didn’t know, their website contains endless inspirational and intellectually-stimulating speeches. Their ideas blog is pretty awesome too. I just can’t get enough of TED. They also have several YouTube channels with interesting content too.

Infinite Jukebox – Have you got a favourite song that you listen to on repeat? Well, Infinite Jukebox creates an endless version of any song you want. I’ve tested it out with a few Melanie Martinez songs and it’s so cool!

Windows93 – If you’re in a nostalgic mood, or you like weird things on, visit Windows93. It’s a trippy, glitchy, cat-filled version of Windows 93… I love messing around on it.

Hemingway Editor – If you want to improve your writing, or if you’re too lazy to proofread, check out Hemingway. It tells you if your sentences are hard to read, and if you’re using the passive voice, as well as an overall ‘readability’ score. It’s pretty useful for blogging and essay writing.

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows – This tumblr site is filled with the words for strange and interesting ‘sorrows’ of humanity. It makes me feel less weird to know that others understand my complex emotions!

Google Cultural Institute – I’m one of those people who loves to find out interesting things about the world through museums. Well, I can essentially do that online with Google’s Cultural Institute. There are ‘projects’ on there, in which you can view historic moments, art, the world wonders etc. Shakespeare400 is one of them at the moment, it’s wonderful.

Ambient Mixer – This is so perfect for studying or writing. I find that listening to music (especially with lyrics) is very distracting. Ambient Mixer provides mixes of ambient noise (pretty self-explanatory). I’m a bit of a nerd, so the fact that it has Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones mixes is perfect! You’ll find me studying to the ‘Ravenclaw Common Room’ mix. The noise levels are adjustable, so if you don’t like a certain noise in the mix you can lower the volume. I wish I’d found it sooner.