Travel around the world with Post Office Cash Collector, grabbing as much cash and Travel Money Cards as you can along the way. Use the Post Office suitcase to catch cash and Travel Money Cards as they fall from the sky.

You’ll be travelling all around the world including locations such as the USA, Australia, Thailand, France and South Africa. You have limited time to collect the cash and Travel Money cards and complete each level. So be quick and nimble and don’t let the commission gremlins ruin your holiday! Avoid them or lose a life.

Random objects will also fall, make sure to miss them or you will lose points. Complete all 10 levels, get onto our Leaderboard, and be on top of the world. Play again to beat your score and you never know you might win a prize!

Need money for your actual holiday? Go ahead and buy that in the game. Want to transfer money abroad? You can also do that within the game. We’ll also notify you about our latest offers and sales promotions from the Post Office.

Good luck on your travels!

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