Real Techniques- Stippling Brush
This is the perfect brush for blending foundation and getting a even finish. I usually use it after using my foundation brush to apply my foundation. I also use it to blend my contour from time to time if I accidentally put too much product on and have big dark lines on my face I don’t panic because I know this brush will be my saviour.
Real Techniques – Sculpting Brush
This is the ideal brush for contouring! Its slightly angled which gives you a quick and easy smooth application especially under the cheek bones. It blends both cream and powder contour products I use this mainly with my Barry M Chisel Cheeks contouring powder as I usually use a beauty blender for my cream contour. This Brush could also be used for blusher.
Real Techniques – Foundation Brush
This brush provides you with a quick and easy way to spread your foundation over your face and stops you getting foundation hands! This brush can sometimes leave you with lines in your foundation which I then blend out with my stippling brush (you could also use your fingers if you wish to) Most people might ask why use this brush at all ? Why not just use a stippling brush to apply your foundation? Well that’s totally up to you … I personally don’t like to overload my stippling brush with product as ill just be swishing it around my face just moving the product around id rather apply it using a foundation brush and then with a clean stippling brush go in after and smooth out those few lines I just find this gives me the optimal even finish I want.
Real Techniques – Setting Brush
This brush is Great for setting your concealer under your eyes, contour and your highlight. to be honest I use it for all my setting some people may find this brush small for setting their whole face of make up but I set mine in stages. First I use this to set my highlight areas ( forehead, chin , under my eyes, on top of my cheek bones, my jaw line, down the bridge of my nose) then I use this brush for the darker contour areas I find this brush is the perrrrfect brush for apply some on my Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour power down the sides of my nose and in the little curve to my eyebrows. It gives a perfectly blended finish which is something I found more difficult trying to get with cream contour on my nose as its such a small area to try and contour, my beauty blender just wipes it off and my sculpting brush is too big to contour my nose with.
Gosh – Eye Shadow Brush Shaper
This brush is my favourite brush for the eyes its practically the only one I use ( I wash my brushes regularly) This brush gives the most perfect blend to any shadow. I use this for my bottom lash line, to apply eyeshadow, to blend colours together and to create a dark crease line. Honestly the application this brush gives you is so smooth. As it blends so well and is so small it could also be the perfect little brush to help contour your nose.
So theres my top 5. I also think a beauty blender is a make up equipment essential but this post is based just on my top picks of brushes.
What are your favourite brushes? Do you have any of these brushes?