I get bored with my hair quite easily and am always on the lookout for ways to change it. Different styles, different colours and different cuts – there are so many possibilities. With beauty trends always changing, here are some of the current and most popular hair trends right now!

Unicorn Hair Colour
Unicorns seem to be an obsession with many people lately and clearly has become a hair trend. The multicoloured look is really cool! Whether it is a pink and purple gradient look or a complete rainbow – it is one of the hottest summer trends for hair.

Silver and Grey Hair
Apparently the grandma look is in right now and to be honest, I love it! I love the whole silvery grey hair colour that is everywhere on Pinterest right now. If you want something quite neutral but unique… this one is definitely for you.

Short Fringes
I’ve watched a few old episodes of friends and remember how the short fringe was everywhere. Now it has made a comeback! Whether it is a front fringe or side fringe, as long as it is above your eyebrows – you are trendy! Great way to hide a dodgy haircut too.

Space Buns
When Miley Cyrus rocked the two bun look, everyone was in shock but it seems she has started a trend. Space buns are so cute, easy to do and keep your hair out of your face when it is hot.

Sleek Ponytail
Slicked back hair and a slim sleek pony is one of the most modern hairstyles, in my opinion. The simple and minimal look gives a catwalk vibe but is so easy to recreate yourself!

Braids For Days
Braids are everywhere. The key is to be creative and go all out so it looks like you have a really funky hairstyle.

Textured Bob Cut
Looking for a new do? A short bob with textured layers is the way to go. Why not go lighter for the summer time and take a little weight off your shoulders (literally!). It looks chic and is really low maintenance in terms of styling.