With Summer on the way, I have been looking for ways to adapt my beauty regime into a more summer appropriate collection. Here are a few beauty must-haves for the hotter weather.

This is an obvious option. You don’t want to damage your skin or burn, so make sure you protect yourself with some sun protection.

BB Cream
A lighter base for your foundation always feels refreshing, especially in the heat. A nice BB cream will not only provide a little bit of coverage but will also give some extra SPF for your face.

Bright Lipsticks
Red, orange and hot pink lips are essential for the summer time. They add a lovely pop of colour to your look and draw attention to it. This also means that you can wear a bright lip with a simple face which makes it a really easy beauty look.

Highlighter is all the rage this year. A good dewy highlighter to make your cheekbones pop will give you an instant glow.

Hair Oils
To take care of your hair in the warmer season, a good hair oil is key. Avoid dry and damaged ends by applying oil regularly. Argan oil, olive oil and coconut oil is really good for your hair.

Body Cream
Banish dry skin by popping on some moisturiser day and night. Your body will look smoother and more glowy. Add some bronzing cream for a more sun kissed look.