Going to the gym is without a doubt a healthy habit but in recent years it has also become a trend that is reaching out to a lot of people. Unfortunately, the busy pace of the modern world leaves little room for motivation and therefore it might not be so surprising that fashionable gym clothes lend a hand to having enough will to work towards the perfect healthy body.

Fashionable Fitness Style for Ladies


TOPS – This season both bright and vibrant patterns as well as muted colors are equally popular. Still, tops that reach the hips are getting more popular than the shorter ones that reveal a bit of skin. Also, cotton material is definitely being shunned away by the combination of polyester and Lycra blends.

BOTTOMS – Yoga pants are still pretty big in the world of fitness trends but keep them for the gym only. Various prints and patterns and even matching tops and bottoms in terms of color are getting more available every day. Also, workout (sweat)pants that follow the line of the body are slowly taking over the glory of yoga pants.

SPORTS BRA – A good quality sports bra is maybe the most important part of gym clothes for ladies. Therefore, it is essential to find one that is just perfect for your own breast size and body type that will keep everything in place without causing pain.


Fitness Essentials for Gents


TOPS – Exercises for men are different than those for women and therefore the most important aspect of a trendy and useful top for men is the enhancement of performance. While ladies can choose between something fitting and slightly baggy, tops for men should definitely be fitting because flapping fabric around the tummy and shoulders will only be a bother for a good workout. Again, look for materials that are specially made for exercising that will control the sweat and overheating of the body.

BOTTOMS – There are two best choices. Either go for long compression leggings or mid-thigh shorts. Men compression leggings are specially designed to improve the workout effectiveness, stimulate the muscles, and avoid any soreness afterwards. On the other hand, mid-thigh shorts are perfect for those who do not like the feeling of tight bottoms. Do not try your luck with anything in between because you will only face the trouble when moving, which is absolutely unacceptable when exercising.

Trainers are equally as important


Finding a good support in exercise trainers is essential for both men and women. Interesting bright details and laces are still a big trend for fitness trainers but the most important thing is to choose those that will keep your joints safe. Also check the soles – the more elastic they are the better.

Health Trends


DIET MONITORING – Even if you work out till you drop, you might have some trouble with getting that perfect body and this is the time to take a look at your diet. Counting macronutrients is one of the biggest trends this year and thanks to several apps you can effortlessly keep track of what you are eating which will allow you to adapt your diet and make a perfect combo with your exercise routine.

SUPPLEMENTS – Taking vitamins and other “regular” kinds of supplements was the usual practice but recently, specially crafted fitness supplements came with a boom since they contain special molecules that allow all the nutrients to be absorbed completely and directly to the blood system for better health and performance.

The most stylish part of fitness fashion trends is their effectiveness and comfort while exercising. Therefore, do not try to pull out things that felt uncomfortable the moment you tried them on, no matter how pretty or cool they look. Also, pay attention to what you eat and the nutrients your body desires after a good sweat!

This Guest Post was written by Peter Minkoff