We all have different ways of putting off doing work, whether that be homework, exam revision or assignments. With exams looming, expect plenty of revision- and procrastination- to fill the next few months.  But which category do you fit into?

  1. The practical procrastinator 

You’re about to start revision, when suddenly you’re hit with an overwhelming urge to clean your room. You’ve been putting it off for weeks, but now it comes down to a battle of revision or cleaning, you’ll happily go with the latter. The most professional practical procrastinators will spend hours cleaning out their wardrobes or sifting through the dreaded under-the-bed clutter just to drag on the time they don’t have to revise for. At least you’re being productive, right? Ah, the irony.

  1. The lazy procrastinator

You will hold your hands up and admit it: you blatantly go out of your way not to work. Even the act of gathering your revision notes or opening a notebook choc-a-bloc with stuff you need to learn is so depressing that you find yourself suddenly exhausted and unable to do anything but nap for the next few hours. You make yourself silly little deals: you don’t have to work on Mondays, because your uni schedule was the busiest that day, nor on Tuesday evenings, because you’ll be too tired from hockey practice earlier, or any time after 7pm because your brain has switched off by then… Will you ever make time to revise? Probably not. Will you have a last-minute panic the day before your exam or assignment hand-in date and have a frantic 24-hour revision session? Most likely.

  1. The easily distracted procrastinator

This type of procrastinator is perhaps the most unfortunate, because you want to work, you really do. But everything is just so goddamn distracting- you pick up your phone to check the time, and half an hour later you’re scrolling through YouTube videos of llamas running. You tuck your hair behind your ear out of the way, but then you notice a split end… Then another… Then another, and before you know it you’re having a full-on personal hairdressing sesh. Come the evening, you’re feeling both relieved to have got the day over with, and guilty because you haven’t actually learnt anything.

  1. The procrastinator in denial

You try to revise, but for to unforeseen circumstances you find yourself too involved in other activities to fit it in. It’s not your fault your friend called asking for relationship advice, right? Of course you’ll offer to meet her for a coffee ASAP. And if your milk is running low, an impromptu shopping trip is necessary for survival. Then there’s all the club nights you attend… You couldn’t possibly stay at home while the rest of the flat went out. The thing is, you don’t even see these little activities as procrastination- to you, they’re just part of your ‘busy schedule’. But next time you’re stressing over how little time you have for revision, perhaps it’s time to cut down on your social life a tinnnnny bit, and you’ll see the difference it makes.

  1. The procrastinator in love

Your poor girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t know what’s come over you all of a sudden, because these days you’re texting them constantly with the most pointless and random information. You’re not a clingy type in a relationship, but since exams and deadlines are coming around, you find you’d much rather talk to your partner than actually do some work. The moment you lay eyes on your revision, the conversation you had with Suzie three weeks ago about stilettos pops into your head, and you know you have to share it with bae. As do you suddenly have to share every moment of your day, from  every person you remember walking past to your lectures, to the lectures themselves, to what you had for lunch, to how many times you’ve been to the toilet so far… If you’re a procrastinator in love and your relationship can survive the exam period, congratulations- it can survive anything.