For a lot of students across the country in the next week or two, the final exams and so the completion of the first year of university or college will fill the air with excitement. The joy of being able to return home to your families, or perhaps go on holiday or maybe starting to work to repay back all those nights out which you still can’t quite remember, or perhaps forgive yourself for.

In all seriousness though, this time of year, for me personally anyway, is a time of mixed feelings. I am pleased that I will have some time off and will not have to stress for a few months about deadlines and exams, but at the same time the ‘thrill of the chase’ as it were is also what I will miss.

I can imagine myself not wanting to leave as I’ll be bored for at least a few weeks over the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I have many plans to go away in the summer and work like the rest of you. but university has made me focus and a lot happier and clear about the path I want to take in my life.

But this article is also about the exciting times ahead, as well as leaving the also exciting times behind, or at least putting them on hold for a bit. There are lots of exciting plans with my university, such as festivals and potential holidays next year. I feel these are important because it is important to broaden your horizons and not get too bogged down with how your career is going.

So I guess the message in this article is for all students who are thinking they may have the blues from going home, don’t because it’s good to have a break. Then you can see what other great opportunity are available to you, like the festivals and holidays I mentioned, to make your life a little more complete. Or you could just try and scrimp and save and try to organise a weekend to Skegness with your family. It’s up to you.