I know the struggle. You know the struggle. It’s 8am and your alarm goes off and you go through the phases of denial associated with the 9am lecture.

The first is the myth that in the time until the snooze alarm comes back on you can catch up on all the sleep you lost by going to bed at roughly three in the morning.

The second -not exclusive to early mornings but resurfacing during late night last minute essay sessions- “Do I really need a degree?” you ask yourself, but you remember that one friend who said university wasn’t worth it and bragged about his apprenticeship money and refuse to let him win.

Stage three is negotiation, “If I skip this lecture I’ll do double work tonight to make up for it”.

Stage four: “I could stay in bed for an extra ten minutes and just not shower until tonight”.

I’ve been there, really I have, and I have some solid advice.

Don’t bother with snooze, just sit up in bed for that time and get your act together, adjust to the idea that you’re awake and that’s not changing.

You probably need your degree. If you’re really not happy then obviously rethink, but chances are you’re going to want it, you plunged yourself into debt for it to begin with didn’t you.

You won’t ever catch up in your own time and you know you’re lying to yourself. Chances are there’s a thousand more interesting things to do in your free time. If you turn up to lectures you have more free time.

For goodness sake, always shower. You’ll regret not doing, but not nearly as much as everyone around you will. Chances are it will also wake you up.

Here’s the bonus round.

Put ¬†your alarm far enough away that you have to get up to turn it off. Drink plenty of water and you won’t feel like you’ve been rinsing your mouth with sand in the mornings. Keep your room warm so that leaving bed isn’t like stepping out into the Arctic naked. And finally, the best and most useful advice I can give you. The secret to all success in life. Develop a taste for coffee, I don’t encourage drug abuse normally but seriously, coffee.