When you’re an international student, you’re almost definitely going to get all of the below.

People will ask you to teach them how to swear in your native language.

“So how do you say this in …?”

You get asked the same questions for a few months.

So where are you from? Why’d you come here to study? How long is the flight from here to yours? What’s it like over there? Seriously, the list is almost endless.

People will ask you to repeat a certain word so they can hear your accent.

“Oh wait! Say that again! Please? Your accent really stands out!” Oh erm… thank you? I’m not saying it again though.

You get extremely annoyed that shops don’t stay open until late.

So, I’m guessing there’s no such thing as late-night shopping over here? What if I desperately need a new pen or a notebook?!

You get extremely excited when you meet someone who’s from the same country as you.

Oh thank you! Instant best friend here we come!

You’ve gotten a call from your parents at least once while you’re at pre-drinks.

Hi mum, hi dad I’m actually about to leave for the club now so I’ll call you when I wake up tomorrow. Love you!