If you’re in your third year at uni you may be heading into that dreaded period where uni is finished.
It’s a relief to think you no longer have the stresses of education (unless you’re going back for a MA), but it’s also an odd and unnerving feeling as you are now finding yourself without anything to do.
Instead of staring blankly at the wall why not try some of the following suggestions?

Start a new project:
Now that your free time is genuinely your free time why not start a new project like learning a new language, learning an instrument or perhaps even writing a story or book. You could even have a go at setting up a blog if you feel as though you’re missing the whole writing thing. At least this time you wont have to worry about deadlines or wordcounts!

Catch Up:
You can finally catch up and binge watch all the films and TV series you’ve had to miss over the past few months due to assignments. Or you can read all the books you’ve wanted to read but couldn’t because they weren’t on your set text lists.

Pamper Yourself:
It’s important that you now take some time for yourself, you’ve earned a break! It’s time to recover from all the dissertation late nights and the stress eating and get yourself feeling better and get back into a good routine.

I know this sounds boring but you can always get a job? Try not to panic too much if you don’t walk straight into your dream job. Just be patient and it will come when the time is right!