Healthy eating on a budget is not an easy thing to do, public health experts have even claimed that many people simply cannot afford to have a decent diet. So, for students, whose finances are squeezed tighter than most, making sure you have those healthy meals like those cooked at home seems like an impossible task. We’ve come up with some tops tips to make sure budget healthy eating is possible!

Go Veggie

Meat and fish are the most expensive foods on a shopping list, so why not go veggie? You don’t have to go strictly vegetarian but you can bulk out meals with vegetables.
Quorn is a much cheaper meat alternative and it is very good for you. Why not add it to a curry sauce (low fat, low salt obviously) or spaghetti bolognese once it is mixed in with the sauce you will never know the difference!

Buy Frozen

No we do not mean those unhealthy frozen meals. We mean buying frozen fruits and vegetables. Berries are very expensive fruits but buy them frozen and add to a delicious breakfast smoothies with save you lots of money. Frozen vegetables are also a lot cheaper that fresh veggies, it also means they last a lot longer and you get a lot more for your money.

Smaller Portions

Healthy eating is not always about losing weight, it is about being a generally healthy person. A lot of people go very wrong by having large portions that are not always necessary. Once you start having smaller portions, you find that you have more left overs from your healthy meals that you can eat for the lunch the next day.

Store Food Properly

Making sure food is stored properly will mean it will last a good amount of time before going off. Always store in your fridge and keep it covered preferably in an air tight tupperware box. Never store foods in their open cans as the metal can transfer to the contents.

So voila, there are some great tips for budget healthy eating!

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