Here are some stress relieving activities you could try
  1. Go for a walk (try to clear your mind)
  2. Call a good friend (for a giggle or vent)
  3. Take a long bath (add some relaxing bath oils)
  4. Listen to relaxing music (even whilst working if you can)
  5. Do yoga (even if its just 15 minutes)
  6. Play games (card games/board games/on your phone)
  7. Keep a diary (could be talking about your day or feelings)
  8. Get a massage (if no one at home can give you one treat yourself!)
  9. Read a book (choose something you really enjoy or a light hearted, funny, inspirational book)
  10. Meditate (you can get apps on your phone that help you meditate but be sure to turn it off)
  11. Try some art therapy (draw something or invest in a art therapy book like this one)
  12. Have a clear out (clear room = clear mind clear outs always feel great)
  13. Take a nap (sometimes you just need to sleep it off)
  14. Listen to an audio book or podcast
  15. Have a foot bath (add some Epsom salts to detox your body and boost magnesium levels)
  16. Use a stress ball (if you have access to a punch bag even better let it out!)
  17. Try aromatherapy 
  18. Have lunch with yourself (get some you time away from everyone and everything)
  19. Rearrange your room (I always like to change up my surrounding from time to time and the process can be calming)
  20. Have a laugh (Watch a comedy or funny you tube videos)


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