Don’t skip breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, its not a saying for no reason! Breakfast is my favourite meal I get so hungry in the mornings I cant cope without it! I’d also be so tired all day if I didn’t eat breakfast, I find if I have a big breakfast my energy lasts longer than a small one, a breakfast bar just doesn’t cut it! Some people say they don’t feel like eating in the morning and that’s because your not eating in the morning … therefore your body is not telling itself its hungry at that time of the day.  Forcing yourself to eat can be off putting or make you feel a bit sick but I can assure you after the initial few days of eating breakfast your body will start to automatically feel hungry at that time and you just like me will be a big lover of breakfast and its energy boosting powers.

B12 Boost oral spray
A few months ago I went into Holland and Barrett I was feeling tired a lot and light headed I thought I may need a iron supplement but after speaking to the guy in there he advised me to take this B12 Boost oral spray so I thought id give it a try and I love it! You can take up to four sprays a day so it keeps giving you little boosts all throughout the day.  Here’s what it provides you with:

tritional Information
Product Information

Per Dose (4 Sprays Contains):

Vitamin B12 1200µg
Chromium 40µg
Green Tea Extract 16mg

Warning: its super tasty be careful not to get carried away spraying!

Establishing a good routine is vital for your energy levels especially keeping up with regular sleeping and eating times. Going to bed at the same time every night will make your body tired around the same time each night and give you a good nights sleep to re-energize for a new day. You must have at some point kept to some sort of a routine with sleep and did you ever find your body just naturally woke itself up? I’ve had it before where I’ve woken up with literally a few minutes before my alarm goes off … now that’s good routine right there! I always find oversleeping actually makes me more tired and obviously so does not getting enough.

Early Exercise
Exercising gives you a boost of energy so getting some early exercise in can keep you going for the day and have your more focused. Exercising late in the day or evening can actually keep you from sleeping as your energy levels would have risen which will also then affect your routine.

Snack on bananas or nuts 
The natural sugars of a banana give you energy lots of athletes swear by bananas for boosting energy levels. Nuts are packed with both protein and fibre which help boost your energy and also keep it stable, they also provide a source of magnesium also linked to boosting energy. Both these foods are slow burning and provide a source of sustainable energy, you could also try a organic peanut butter snack as a alternative. Don’t go crazy on the snacking though as over eating can make you sleepy, so maybe start off with one banana or one handful of nuts at a time.