Waist Trainers. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding them. Are they good for you? Do they actually provide results?
Waist Trainers are basically a modernised version today of the corset, designed to cinch in your core, hips and back. The Kardashians and a plethora of celebrities have been snapped using these bad boys, promoting them to their brain-washed fans (me included). So when given the opportunity to try out some waist trainers myself, I thought why not?!
I received two types of waist trainers, one shaped in the traditional corset and the other more like a vest top design. Now the traditional one is a lot more comfortable, it may be due to the size but it’s definitely more bearable. Wearing a waist trainer isn’t uncomfortable even though you’ve basically been sucked in to an inch of your life. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories and reasons as to why these are bad for your health. However, most case studies have been from those who’ve worn the trainer for more than the recommended hours specified. I took a different approach to using the corset and wore it every time I did a workout. I did this over the course of a week and I definitely noticed some differences.
Firstly, actually wearing the waist trainer whilst working out, made me sweat a lot more. Especially when it came down to the ab workouts. My body was obviously working a lot harder to take in the regular amount of breath and by the end of the work out, I was sweating buckets. The negative of which is that you end up with a slightly damp waist trainer…not nice.
 I’ve started and remained on the first row of hooks. Although, I could now probably go to the second hook, I’m not interested in trying to cinch my waist any further. I’ve also noticed that my posture is a lot better since using the waist trainer, which is a definite benefit as I spend a lot of time temping in reception, where I tend to slouch.

The quality of the waist trainers are very good and therefore fit comfortably underneath everyday clothing. I wore the waist trainers mostly during workouts that lasted around 45 minutes and then if I was having a rest day from the gym, I would wear the waist trainer for an hour a day.

I would say if you’re after something different, I would definitely recommend purchasing this product. I’ve noticed a slight difference in my stomach but I haven’t developed a Kardashian hour glass figure yet. Make sure you check out these products on Amazon, the UnderBust Trainer Belt Shapewear is £19.99 and the UnderBust Waist Trainer is £5.99.

My overall feelings towards waist trainers? They’re good for posture but they also can be an extra added help to your workout. As far as actually cinching your waist, I don’t think it’s a particularly safe option, however if you regulate the amount of time you wear it, you might see a temporary difference.