Travelling is always a massive part of university and regardless to what you’re studying, who doesn’t love a good trip away from the struggles of student life now and then? Whether you’re looking to solidify your placement on that much needed gap year, you’re after a summer in the sun or treating yourself to a 4-day city break, there is always going to be somewhere for you, and here are the best websites for student travel…

STA Travel

STA Travel is the go-to place to start your adventure this coming holiday and the renowned company has been established since way back in 1979, where they first kick off their journey down under in Australia. Now a global brand, STA offer competitive flights as well as tours and insurance too, and let’s not forget the wide range of accommodation on they have on offer.

Best For:Blue Ticket’ cheap flights. Website:

On The Beach

With super low deposits and high street rivaling prices, On The Beach should definitely be up there on your list of selecting where you’ll be booking your holidays this year. By building a holiday around you, you’ll have the choice on the location, flights and accommodation, and these guys will never be beaten for value on the package holiday front. Not only will that, but their array of destinations will leave you choosing favourites for hours.

Best For: Package holiday deals. Website:

Voyage Prive

Specialising in delivering an easy to use service which offers luxury holidays at a superlative discount, Voyage is a high end, exclusive site that we’d refer to as a hidden gem of the travel world. By simply signing up for free, they ping you offers from across the globe and it’s more often than not that the hotels are 4 star plus. The percentage off is huge and if you look back at their top exclusives, you’ll see a lot of -70% whoppers.

Best For: Luxury holidays at low costs. Website:

IST Plus

Formed in 2003, IST Plus is a select company that works with and helps students from all over the globe to ensure that their international journey is the best it can be. From sourcing worldwide work, to securing a spot on an overseas programme, IST is a brilliant group to make the most of your time away from home. Experience is everything whilst travelling, so make the most of your days abroad.

Best For: Sourcing work and international programmes. Website:

 YHA Australia

It’s time to take a trip to a land down under, because YHA Australia have got you sorted when it comes to hosteling on their homeland. Guaranteeing a unique visit with no two hostels the same, YHA Australia ensure that you’ll be safe on your travels, as well as enjoying the best of what the country has to offer. With eye opening tours, landscapes that you’ll never see anywhere else and beautiful wildlife, why not take a trip to Oz this year?

Best For: Cheap hosteling in Australia. Website:

Gecko Adventures

Boosting an adventurous and genuine culturist experience, Gecko Adventures will take you on a journey you’ll never forget. From knowing all the local town secrets, such as where to eat and what to do, they also tailor the trips to age groups, so that you can mingle with some other students in the same boat as you. Not only that, they make the experiences as affordable as possible and always point you in the cheapest direction for a flight too.

Best For: Booking bespoke and adventurous trips. Website:


Homestay make your holiday more than just a tourist visit; they let you live it too. By linking local hosts with would be travellers, Homestay connect you with the real life culture and the people who take you in are there to make you feel right at home. Brush up on the countries language, indulge into some in-house cuisine and ultimately feel like you’re a part of the country; Homestay makes your time a special one.

Best For: Living and breathing the local culture. Website:


Now that you’ve got your holiday sorted, the next tick you need to make on your list will be cashing in on some foreign currency. Ideally, you’d need to get this out the way with as soon as possible, but to be guarantee you’ll get the best student preferential rates, check out the Post Office. They deliver superb offers for students, as well as bringing a free, next day delivery to their online services. Be sure to check out their site and make sure you are one step ahead of organising that much needed trip abroad!