Yes you read that right, recently whilst browsing the book section on Amazon I came across an adult colouring book promising to bring peace and calm. This may seem laughable to some, but as someone who suffers from anxiety if a colouring book helps, a colouring book I will get!

The book is full of calming patterns that when colouring in, put you into a state of meditation. Emma Farrarons says  “the act of colouring in – carefully and attentively filling a page with colour , the feel of the pencil in your hand as you meditate on the beauty of the whole illustration” helps the mind to relax, almost like art therapy!

I’ve found it so relaxing, it put’s you into a kind of trance and I’m not ashamed to say as a 25 year old woman, I enjoy colouring. I actually look forward to it! I love doing it in the morning with a cup of tea and breakfast, starting the morning off beautifully!

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Words and photos by: Sinead Crowe –