You’ve all had us giggling at your, ‘#ProsOfDatingMe here @TheSpg today. Some of your witty responses have been beyond amusing – we couldn’t even write it ourselves! Here are our top ten… Is yours in the line-up?

1.”You’ll never have to wonder what you did wrong because I’ll tweet about it.”
2.”I’m not attractive but I’ll text back in 30 seconds.”
3.”You won’t have to worry about me cheating because I hate most human beings anyway.”
4.”I laugh at my own jokes so you don’t need to.”
5.”If you need to disappear then I’m your guy, as everyone will just assume that you’re not real.”
6.”1) I’ve never been on a date 2) I want to go on a date 3) Please.”
7.”When you wouldn’t know the pros because no one dates you.”
8.”Your guess is as good as mine.”
9.”I’ll take you on the classiest date to McDonald’s you’ve ever been on.”
10.”I already have a husband so you don’t have to worry about that whole marriage commitment thing…”

Think yours is funnier? Let us know! @TheSPG