What to do in my spare time was one of the many worries I had before going to university. I often imagined people saying to me ‘oh I go swimming every weekend, I co-run this hostel for homeless people, I go to the gym seven times a week’ etc. and they would ask me and I would say ‘well I guess I don’t mind watching the TV and films but that’s about it.’ So then all you could hear was them walking away. To my surprise however, many of my class mates had the same worry. But also I have found that as I have been attending the uni, I have found that my hobby scope has grown drastically.

I have began to learn about what I want to do for my career in lectures, so I believe naturally I have also made my whole life surround that medium of Journalism. I write articles in this magazine, I also write a blog and have my own radio show at the university radio station, as well as writing for another website and starting to do another weekly radio show at my local hospital. My advice to other aspiring students, do the same.

University is very fun. The courses are great, the tutors are alright for once and the campus actually has reasonable facilities. But this wont keep you occupied for three years straight. For any Journalists out there reading this, you will know how important it is to surround yourself in your work and get your ‘foot in the door’ with as many people as possible. This, no doubt, is the same for other courses and careers as well. So take up a hobby. Even if it’s something like knitting, you will be thankful on that day when you don’t have a lecture and you realise you can actually do something else with your day.