Makeup trends come and go. Some stand the test of time and become trends used by women everywhere. Others die out pretty quickly. There’s some seriously decent trends around the media lately that I thought it was time to share a few myself. Try them and see if any work for you!

Strobing is a bit like highlighting, but it’s making a huge focus on the highlighter. The highlighter is the main part of the makeup look, so you want the rest of your look to be pretty toned down. Make sure you use a hydrating moisturiser, and go in with a highlighter that suits your skin tone. You want to make sure you choose a cream/powder highlighter depending on your skin type too. Make sure you apply it liberally in spots that the light naturally hits, and blend!

Subtle Contouring (or not so subtle in some peoples cases)
Unbelievably, some ladies still don’t know what contouring is, let alone how to do it. It became famous when Kim Kardashian posted a picture of her face before her contouring makeup was blended in. Contouring basically shapes the face, creating cheekbones if you don’t have any and balancing it. You can do a dramatic contour for special occasions, but the good news is people are being far more subtle now. Subtle contouring simply involves bronzer on the forehead, chin, and in the hollows of the cheeks blended well. You can then apply a small amount of highlighter under the eyes, on the top of the cheeks, under your brows, and around your lips to enhance them. Most makeup courses will teach you how to contour like a pro!

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Bold Matte Lips
Matte lips are huge, mainly thanks to MAC’s huge collection of gorgeous matte shades. If you want a bold matte lip, you must first exfoliate, making sure there’s no dead skin there whatsoever. Matte lip products can dry the lips out further, and you don’t want that. Make sure you line the lips, then apply your colour with a brush. You can go over it as many times as you like to get the depth you want.

Cat Liner With Tape
Doing a cat liner is something that many women struggle with. Some don’t bother trying because it looks so difficult. Now anybody can do cat eyeliner, and all you need is a roll of tape! Simply apply it to the outer corner of your eye and follow the line. You can easily perfect your sultry liner this way.

Glitter Parting
Ladies who like to make a statement are trying glitter everything these days, even going as far to put glitter in their hair parting! It’s an amazing look for a party or festival! You could even match the glitter to your lips for a special occasion. I’m not sure this is something i’d go for myself but it definitely looks pretty!

Faux Freckles
Weren’t born with pretty freckles? You can make them yourself with a soft, brown liner. Simply dot over your nose and blend. Topshop even do a freckle pencil’. Cute freckles in an instant!

Hopefully you’ve found a few trends here that you love the idea of. Try them and let me know what you think!


Written by – Jemma Lynch