Fitness and healthy diet have gained a somewhat prominent status in lives of both celebrities and us, the regular people. A few years back, it seems like most us were working out but nobody’s been making a big fuss about it. You worked out for yourself, not for the Instagram cheer of it, but hey – new times, new vibes, whatcha gonna do except adapt.


The thing with working out, though is – unless you get hooked, you are running the risk of quitting and going back more often than not. So, you need your inspiration right where you can see it – either in the mirror or on the celeb pages.  If we are being absolutely honest, our celebrity inspirations are all working out five times a week with personal trainers and cooks who are watching their every move. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the same privilege, but at least we can try and give our best to achieve goals that aren’t as hard to reach as everyone’s making them appear.


What we’ve learned from our celebrity fitness inspiration is that, apart from the commitment to working out you need to have hot sportswear, too. You’ll notice that, for the celebs – sportswear is almost as important as street wear, so they are really careful about that.
Here are a few examples;



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The formerly “chubby, funny Kim’s sister” (as she’s referred to herself) is now the bombshell of the family; she’s perfected her body superbly and we’re in love with every single curve’s flaunting. You’ll notice that the workout sessions she documents on Instagram are always looking flawless! Her fitness-wear is always looking super cute and put together, and doesn’t even seem that hard to pull off, right?


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Face it, this girl is gorgeous! Naturally gorgeous and slim, she’s not taking it for granted and is working hard on staying in shape. Her sport of choice is boxing, and her fitness-wear? Always flawless! We’re so experiencing major Shay Mitchell envy!


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Anyone scream perfection? This man is everything and more! Tall, gorgeous, hunky, charming and with a body that looks like Gods of fitness have sculpted it themselves, Joe is giving women around the world a major ovaries-skip moment and an incredible envy situation to all the men out there. “Manganiello is an old-school gym rat. He doesn’t do any fancy exercises, just tried-and-true bodybuilding staples like the bench press, overhead press, and pushdown”. His gym clothing pieces are everything you’ll ever need – shorts, trainers, T-s, quality sneaks and he’s good to go! Ah… Vergara, we hate you!


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Not only that this woman is stunning in every way, but her fitness regime is making us go crazy. Only after six months after giving birth, she’s gone back to shape, and an amazing one! On top of that, she always looks super cool working out. It’s just… so unfair, really.


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The former striper turned celebrity is one of those celebrities you have to adore; apart from looking smokin’ hot, the guy’s down to Earth and really nice. What more can you ask? And have you seen his dance moves in Magic Mike XXL? OMG!!
The body he’s got – he owes it to the committed and intense daily working out, proper nutrition and probably God-given genetics. By the way – the man looks spectacular working out!


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This model of the moment’s pretty open about her fitness dedication and a strict diet; she’s into boxing and runs, and she’s been one to promote sportswear as streetwear. We don’t think she’s done it consciously; it’s just that – she’s working out so much that most of the times the paparazzi snap her, she’s in her sportswear! On her way back from the gym, she’ll grab a green smoothie or coffee and take her gym outfit to a whole new level with a fancy overcoat, jacket, sunnies, or else. We’ll definitely try this trick out!


Words – Natalie Redman