If you’re at all like me and tend to stick to your jeans and warm clothes all year round the hot weather can sometimes take you by surprise. The sudden temperature changes can make you want to burn your jeans in a humid rage. The only problem is that you may have no summer clothes ready to turn too.
Here is a list of shops where you can get some cheap (but cheerful) summer clothes.

H&M offer a wide range of summer clothes for mostly affordable prices. From cute skirts to matching accessories, you can find a whole outfit for under £30.

I know what you’re thinking. A lot of ranges in Topshop can be quite pricey, but their basic range is reasonably affordable. In their basic range they offer a variety of light and simple clothes which are perfect for the warmer seasons.
Don’t forget they offer student discount.

New Look:
Whilst New Look do offer a range a affordable summer clothes, my favourite department in their stores are their shoe sections. They offer a fantastic range of footwear for all occasions. From daps, to extreme heels to sandals, it is more than likely you will find the perfect pair of shoes for an affordable price. New Look also accepts student discount cards.

When discussing cheap and cheerful shops you can’t help but mention the old and faithful Primark. Primark is still one of the best stores if you’re looking for a new wardrobe on a budget.
They cover everything from shoes, to bags, to hair-bands, to formal dresses, to leggings. Everything you need you will more than likely find in Primark.

Happy Shopping!