When considering what to wear at a summer music festival, you must always keep both style and practicality in mind. For all you may look fantastic in a pair of heels and a lovely summer dress, or a pair of chinos and a dress shirt, these aren’t the wisest of outfits when you are in a muddy field and only have a limited amount of clothes to change into.

Festival fashion is all about finding a balance between looking stylish and wearing clothes suited to your environment. To make matters easier, we have compiled some of the best festival fashion tips and advice to help you construct outfits that are suitable for camping but also look great on you, even after a few days of sleeping rough!

Waterproof jacket

An essential element of any festival outfit is a waterproof jacket. Whether you are employing this as part of your outfit or simply carrying it around in case of sudden adverse weather, you will still inevitably end up wearing it at some point. While the temptation may be to choose a distinctive coat that works as the defining piece of an outfit, it would be wiser to choose a simple colour such as a black or navy blue. This allows the coat to be used easily in most outfits without the risk of a colour clash.

Wellington boots

Several days’ worth of rain on an outdoor surface populated by thousands of people can lead to hazardously muddy conditions. This is pretty commonplace for music festivals, so packing footwear to combat this should be a priority. Wellington boots are a great choice as they are fully waterproof and will keep your feet toasty, but also look stylish. Where we recommended choosing a plain-patterned waterproof coat, wellies give you a great opportunity to choose a funky or attractive pattern that will make being caked in mud look much more enjoyable than it actually is. The selection of wellies at Charles Clinkard features products that are offered a 35-day returns policy so you can shop with confidence of choosing a pair that both fit well and look great on you.

Ripped jeans

Denim will always be trendy, but it all depends on how you wear it. Ripped jeans are great for festivals as they will keep you warm enough around your extremities but also allow you to stay cool via the breeze reaching your exposed legs. For an authentic look, or an easy DIY fashion project, find an old pair of jeans that are either looking grubby or feature a cut that is out of fashion — rip these jeans around the knee and on the lower leg, being careful not to make a hole so large that your pants are at risk of falling apart. DIY fashion is so much cooler and more fulfilling than store-bought items.

Oversized T-shirt

The oversized T-shirt is a popular fashion piece with both genders at the moment, with women embracing the trend as a style of dress they can wear with leggings or a pair of denim shorts, whereas men tend to wear one with skinny jeans. Perhaps an even better choice would be an oversized cap-sleeved or even sleeveless t-shirt (otherwise known as a vest), as this will allow you to stay cool in the sunshine. It also eliminates the chance of sweat patches around your armpits, which are an easy way to ruin any outfit.


No summer outfit is complete without a pair of sunglasses, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sunglasses look great, but they also hold a great practical benefit when out in the sunshine, protecting your eyes from UV rays that can potentially damage your eyes. There are several different styles you can choose from, so a great idea is to find out which type of sunglasses will match your face shape the best. This tool from glasses specialist Frames Direct will help you determine this, as well as recommend relevant products.

These helpful tips will encourage you to easily construct an outfit that is fully weatherproof, inexpensive to put together and, most importantly, looks great.