Going to university is one of the best opportunities teenagers can have, you get to live in a new place, discover new things and meet new people.  Meeting new people from all around the country and even the world is a huge learning curve, not only do you learn more about other people but you also learn more about yourself. I am more than certain you will meet every type of person that is describe in the rest of this article.

Your new bff– someone you just click with from the off set and you soon become inseparable and wonder how you can be best friends with someone you’ve only know for two week?!

The dark horse– the person who comes across like they have no idea what is going on half the time, rarely turns up to lectures but somehow manages to still get the highest grade.

The party animal– everyone loves a good night out, but this person takes it to the extreme and goes out whenever the get the opportunity too.

The crier– this one is self explanatory.

The cheater– he/she will cheat on their boyfriend/girlfriend and every opportunity but they regret it the next day so they think its fine? I’m no expert but I am pretty sure they shouldn’t be in a relationship.

The nice one– the person that gets on with everyone and everyone says they are ‘nice’ ‘kind’ and ‘lovely’ but the majority of the time ‘the nice one’ is single as they are just friends with everyone which makes it difficult to come out the dreaded friend zone.

The light weight– they have two drinks and they are practically on the floor, which is quite embarrassing but secretly you are wishing you were a light weight as it would be a much cheaper night out!  

The mum/dad of the group– this person will always look after everyone and put themselves last.

The lazy one– this person will NEVER clean up after themselves and doesn’t understand when you say ‘it is so messy’ as they think it’s just normal.

The clean one– doesn’t really get on with ‘the lazy one’.

The quiet one– someone who keeps themselves to themselves but is always their when you need a chat or some words of wisdom.

The liar– lies about everything and anything to get attention even though everyone knows what they are saying is a complete and utter lie.

The happy one– someone who is happy all the time and always knows how to make any situation better!

The needy one– who at times can be slightly annoying one who just craves attention.

The taken one– someone who is a relationship before they got to uni and never shuts up about their boyfriend/girlfriend.

The single one– who often gets annoyed at the taken one for constantly talking about their relationship while he/she just sits their thinking about their single life.

Being at university will make you realise that there is going to people that you get on with and others that you don’t, but most importantly you will learn a lot about yourself and what type of person you are!